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Beniarbeig Town Hall announces the cancellation of the San Roque and Santo Domingo fiestas 2020

Beniarbeig Town Hall has decided to cancel the village fiestas, more specifically the Santo Domingo fiestas – the first weekend in August 2020- and the San Roque fiestas – the last week of August 2020- in view of the health crisis caused by the  Coronavirus, as well as the possible restrictions linked to the coordination of public events over the coming months. Below is the notification put out by Beniarbeig Town Hall in respect of the cancellation:

Due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, and with great regret on our part, but always considering the safety of our inhabitants, the Concejalía de Fiestas, headed by our councillor Mario Ortiz, along with the governing team from Beniarbeig Town Hall, and after speaking to the various groups involved with the organisation of the fiestas (Comisión 2020, parents of the young festeros, Comisión de toros, Unió Musical de Beniarbeig, Parroquia San Juan Bautista and Festeros de Santo Domingo) the decision has been made to postpone the San Roque and Santo Domingo fiestas 2020 until next year. It has been agreed that in 2021 the Comisión 2020 and the Santo Domingo festeros 2020 will lead both fiestas, which means that the age at which the young people are eligible to be festeros will be extended by one year, to 19 years of age.

From Beniarbeig Town Hall, we hope soon to be able to get back to normal and be able to celebrate our fiestas with peace and health for everyone.

L’ajuntament tanca al públic els serveis administratius i Conselleria paralitza les cremes agrícoles.

L’ajuntament tanca al públic els serveis administratius i Conselleria paralitza les cremes agrícoles.

A causa de l’estat d’alarma i seguint les limitacions del Reial Decret 463/2020 del 14 de març per l’alerta sanitària del COVID-19 s’ha emès un Decret d’Alcaldia pel qual queda tancada l’atenció presencial dels serveis administratius de l’Ajuntament de Beniarbeig. Durant aquests dies i fins a nou avís, la forma que tindrà la ciutadania per a relacionar-se amb l’administració local serà per via telefònica (96 576 60 18), correu electrònic (info@beniarbeig.org) o a través de la seu electrònica http://beniarbeig.sedelectronica.es

Per la seua banda, des de la Conselleria d’Agricultura, Desenvolupament Rural, Emergència Climàtica i Transició Ecològica s’ha publicat en el núm 8763 2020_2576 del DOGV la resolució per la qual queden restringides les cremes agrícoles fins a nova ordre.

Beniarbeig changes the company which collects the rubbish from February

Beniarbeig changes the company which collects the rubbish from February

When the contract with SINMA Ondara, the company which came to collect the rubbish in the village, finished, the Town Hall issued a tender for the contract for the service which, as required by the new law Llei de Contractes del Sector Públic de 2017, was done as an open process in which any company which meets the legal requirements can apply. As the law does not allow it to be done on the basis of negotiation, three companies were invited to make offers. Two offers were presented, one from SINMA for 81,500 euros and one from Innovia COPTALIA, for 73,636 euros, both of them plus IVA (10%).

The cheaper offer was accepted, with a contract of one year. The new company Innovia COPTALIA, which also services Orba, la Vall de Laguar and Benidoleig, will start in Beniarbeig on 1st February.

As always, the Town Hall requests the collaboration of everyone, respecting the collection times and the use of the different containers, so that the rubbish collection service might function as well as possible and so that more and more rubbish can be recycled, something very important in the fight against climate change.

The calendar for the rubbish collection for 2020 is available for everyone on the Town Hall’s webpage.

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