The lock down worsens the problem of dog excrement


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Over recent days there has been an increase in the presence of dog excrement in some areas of the village. The town hall fears that some people, taking advantage of the current situation of fewer people being out and about, have stopped picking up their dog’s excrement. It has also come to our attention that some owners are letting their dog off lead while walking.

To solve this problem, the local police will use the time they are out controlling the adherence to the state of emergency to make a special check on the behaviour of dog owners and to impose the corresponding fines for each offence.

The town hall would also like to remind you that in the current confinement, walks with dogs should be as short as possible and always near home, they shouldn’t be used as an excuse to wander round the village.

Some of the fines detailed in the byelaws include:

  • Letting your dog into the parks or gardens 40€
  • Not picking up excrement 40€
  • Not having your dog on lead 100€

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