The Reading Club joins the Year of Fuster with el Diccionari per a ociosos


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The Encontres a Beniarbeig programme dedicated to Joan Fuster has been the perfect excuse for the Reading Club to experience the genre of the essay. The author uses this genre to express his ideas around a theme and, as is the case with Fuster, they recognise his ideas and reflections on politics, history, culture, literature and sexuality.

The choice of el Diccionari per a ociosos (1964) from all of the options available from Fuster’s bibliography was a recommendation of Tomàs Llopis, teacher and member of the committee of the Encontres a Beniarbeig, who also offered to lead the reading sessions. Firstly there was an introduction to the work and the biography of Fuster, in which Llopis explained Fuster’s writing style and how the reader should tackle reading the book. The second session took place on 23rd February, when they reread some of the sections of the book and Llopis helped to unravel some of the meanings of Fuster’s words for the members of the group.

The readers were agreed on the density and richness of his reflections and on how they invite the reader to think. Reading the book was demanding and not easy, but it questioned the receiver of his words to enable the latter to re-evaluate certain visions and concepts, with the addition of more than one smile with his constant touches of humour.

The next book for the Reading Club will be Noruega (2020), by Rafa Lahuerta Yúfera, an autobiographical novel which has become a bestseller in Valenciano in recent years. As always, the Reading Club is open to anyone who wants to take part.

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