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Equality Plan


                             The local level, because of its proximity to citizenship, is an exemplary framework for designing and implementing actions that comply with the principle of equal treatment and opportunities between women and men. Equality is now legally recognized. Laws provide equal treatment for men and women; however, to achieve this, constant vigilance and active promotion by institutions must be maintained, since the subordinate position of women in politics, society, economy or Culture, does not automatically disappear with the approval of laws that establish that all citizens, regardless of their sex, have the same rights and are equal before the law. There is, therefore, equality of law but it is necessary to achieve de facto equality.

The Law of Bases of Local Regime clearly expresses the municipal competence to promote all kinds of activities and to provide all public services that contribute to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the neighborhood community, considering the promotion of women as one of the areas of municipal action . There is, therefore, a legal capacity for action and political responsibility in this regard.

With the preparation and implementation of the First Equality Plan between women and men of the Beniarbeig City Council, it is intended not only to comply with the laws, but also to take a step further, and to make a firm commitment to contribute to the elimination of imbalances that Impede the progress of their citizens on equal terms.
The definition of the objectives, areas of intervention and actions included in this I Plan for Equality between Women and Men in the City of Beniarbeig responds to the results obtained in the diagnosis carried out on the integration of the gender perspective and equality Of opportunities in the personnel management of the local entity.
To emphasize the dual purpose of the I Plan, on the one hand, the measures and actions applied to the management of the local staff’s work and workforce, and, on the other hand, the cross-cutting gender approach that it adopts in all its policies and services The public.

Access the full text of the I Beniarbeig City Council Equality Plan


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