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What is the microchip?

The microchip is the compulsory identification system for pets. If an authorised person (Local Policía or SEPORNA) observes an animal which doesn’t have a microchip, an immediate fine will be imposed, as required by law. The microchip should be implanted at a veterinary clinic, it is completely painless for the animal and should be done in the first three months of the animal’s life or in the month following its acquirement, whatever its age. You should know that if your dog doesn’t have a microchip and someone finds it as s stray, you can lose your pet because, having no microchip, the animal doesn’t legally belong to anyone and whoever finds it can go to a vet and have one implanted, making it legally theirs.

The microchip is placed under the skin on the animal’s neck and is similar in size to a grain of rice, but inside it contains a code with all the information not only about the owner, but also the animal itself.

What is RIVIA?

RIVIA is the Registro Informático Valenciano de Identificación del Animal. The information in the microchip is included in a database; in the database is the identification of the owner. Remember that, if there are any changes, this information should be relayed immediately to the vet so that he can update it, or you can do it yourself by calling RIVIA. If the information isn’t updated, in the case of loss of your pet, you could have trouble finding it.

So the main advantages of the microchip are the following:

  • Identification of pets in case of loss, whether in a fire or natural disaster, theft or the animal going missing on holiday.
  • Thanks to the microchip, we can access details of the owner and also the name, age, weight and other information about the pet.
  • A quick and simple procedure. The microchip can be implanted during a normal visit to the vet.
  • A safe and durable method: this system doesn’t move inside your pet’s body and is designed to be effective for at least 25 years.
  • It helps owners avoid a fine.
  • It’s one way of tackling the problem of strays.

Microchip awareness campaign for pets (dogs)

Beniarbeig, this month, wants to make its inhabitants aware that every dog should be microchipped. There are many cases of dogs being lost or going missing, sometimes because it’s fiesta time and fireworks frighten them, or because they escape when on heat or simply go astray.

During November we are carrying out an awareness campaign comprising the following:

Every time the Beniarbeig Policía Local, during their patrols in the village, see a dog, either off lead or being led correctly by the owner on lead, they will read the microchip. The information will be passed on to the town hall database where it will be automatically registered. If the animal doesn’t have a microchip, the owner will first be given a warning and will have 24 to 72 hours to hand in the health card showing the microchip number. This card must have been signed and stamped by an authorised vet and the original should be taken to the town hall, where it will be photocopied and a copy attached to the file in the town hall; if this is not done, a denuncia will be taken out against the owner in accordance with the Beniarbeig Municipal bylaw pertaining to the control and ownership of animals, which, in article 34.2.G specifies: “that failure to comply with their responsibility to identify animals not considered potentially dangerous, has to be made mandatory according to article 11 of Law 4/1994, dated 8th July, of the Generalidad Valenciana, regarding the protection of pets”.

Policía local, Beniarbeig