Multisports week: the starting pistol for the sports schools


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Over the last days of June, the sports centre hosted the second multisports week organised by the Ayuntamiento de Beniarbeig,in which 39 children aged from 5 to 10 took part. Among the sports practised were court games like basketball, football and padel, but also cycling, making use of the football pitch and adjacent land to design a circuit for the bikes. As planned, the young sports fanatics also made use of the pool, not only to refresh themselves but also to play water games.

Heading the activities were the instructors Betty Llopis, Raxel Lafuente and Anabel Ahuir who say that they were very happy with the number of participants and by their attitude. In fact, Llopis said “the boys and girls have enjoyed themselves, when we asked some of them which had been their favourite activity, they started to name nearly all of them and that means that they enjoyed them”. Llopis also explained that the facilities available in the village are spacious and are in good condition, which makes it easier to do so many different sports.

From the Town Hall, the mayor Juanjo Mas also agrees that the feedback on participation was positive and he hopes that the good sensation left by the multisports week might lead to the formation of some groups in the village’s sports schools. This is fundamental for Mas «because we all know how beneficial sport is for children of these ages and the town hall has been trying to give new life to the sports schools for some time».

In fact, from now until 15th August, pre-registration is open for the village’s sports schools. The aim of pre-registration is to hold a first poll among those boys and girls interested in doing a sport, to find out the viability of forming groups for basketball, five a side football, handball, padel, volleyball or pelota, which are those on offer this year. Apart from pelota, for which you need to contact the Town Hall in El Verger, you should contact the Town Hall in Beniarbeig for more information and to pre-register, be it in person, by phone on 96 576 60 18 or by email at

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