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With the heat of the summer months it’s important to remember that high temperatures also affect our pets. For example, in the case of dogs, heatstroke can be fatal. So you should avoid long walks during the hottest hours of the day, not only because of the air temperature but also because of the temperature of the pavement, which can be very abrasive for the dogs’ footpads. In fact, with an air temperature of 25ºC, tarmac can reach temperatures of 52ºC, and with an air temperature of 31ºC , pavements exposed to the sun can easily reach 62ºC. In addition, you are recommended to take a small amount of water so that the dog can drink and you can cool down your pet. All of these measures are particularly important for older dogs, Nordic breeds and flat nosed breeds.

Another aspect which is especially relevant during the summer is that of excrement and urine on the public highway, as the heat intensifies the bad smell and the risk of infections. Although regularly leaving excrement on the street is a clearly reprehensible act, it is even more so in the heat. In the case of urine, you are recommended to rinse with water the area where the dog has done a wee.

After recently seeing some antisocial behaviour of this kind, the Councillor for the Environment and the local police have intensified their surveillance of this kind of offence, which carries a fine of 40€.

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